When I was a teenager, the Internet was born in our home. At first it was like a charming child that we all loved, and then little by little it became strange to us.

Her birthday was like the birth of a girl born in the last days of may inĀ  1987.

Living in a small town surrounded by mountains was always small and repetitive for her and she was never satisfied.

Now she is acquainted with art, of course, after graduating from the field of management and economics. He built flying wings by establishing an art institution

The pain that always bothered her was the confrontation between tradition and modernity. sHe started her adolescence with a new life, but in a traditional family.

This confrontation still exists from time to time in war and strife and sometimes in peace. But the modernity seems to be easier .

Video of Performance

Arta Institute, Iran | 2020

The 1st Trienal Performance Deformes | Chile

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