The concept of the project:

All of us has a personal space that surrounds us and is determined by us. This is the personal space. Society is in fact a web of these spaces. 


The PERSONAL SPACE project means harmonizing of these spaces with the tools of contemporary art.


Way of participating:

1st step. Every participant artist appoints a circle on the ground of the size of his personal space.

2nd step. The artist manifests in this circle. The way of this manifestation can be personal, it can be a performance with a gesture value, a minimalist gesture, a conceptual intervention, a complex installation or the lack of creation itself. The process should be documented.

3rd step. The photo documentation along with the required information (name of the artist, place of the manifestation, the radius of the circle in centimeters, suggestions to the possible color of the re-enacted circle) should be sent to the e-mail address communicated.


Finalizing the project:

An installation will be made out of the collected works. We will draw all the circles around a central point. In the opposite wall of the exhibition space all of the photo documentations will be projected. We will state the name of the artist, the location and the date on every projected photo. We will mark the name of the artist on every circle.

The installation will be supplemented with the names of the collaborating artists.


The planned place of the event:


organizator: PTE  Doctoral School

MŰVÉSZETI MALOM,  Szentendre, Hungary


Planned date of the installation: 06. 06. 2015.


Project coordinator: Péter Alpár visual artist (


Sponsors of the project:

 University of Pécs, Faculty of music and Visual Art, Doctoral School (HUN)

NAP Nature Art Studio, Bikfalva (RO)


The project is part of Alpár Péter,s doctoral research on the nature of living space, coordinator Colin Foster sculptor.


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