PEACE ON PAPER – 2nd Iran Contemporary Art Biennale

Collective exhibition
2016.12.04 – 2017.01.03
Isfahan Contemporary Art Museum, Isfahan, Iran
Curator | Majid Abbasi Farahani
Co-Curator | Shadi Noyan
Perhaps there can be few people who haven’t wished to maintain the peace and stability in their life. If it’s correct so
what’s the exact source of tension, conflict and devastation among the different human communities ? In order to
answer this question, we must go to the different aspects of human life in different societies. Certainly strife and
wars in human history have been happening for basic needs. But there is a question ! Is war the only way to answer
our basic needs or there are other ways to solve our problems in contact with natural resources, the wealth or opinions that provide the context of conflict. To answer this question, we must search between different societies and
different entities to understand what create a culture of human society.
“Peace on a paper” is outlining the history of a civilization metaphor of human effort, in order to further convergence
peace and security on all those conventions, treaties and agreements.
“Biennial of Contemporary Art” come together 200 works by 150 artists, in collaboration with domestic, foreign galleries and cultural institutions, the 3 December in the Contemporary Art Museum Isfahan will be opened.
@icaBiennale | www.icabiennale.org
Supported by :
Tehran contemporary art museum I Abadan contemporary art museum | Contemporary arts Museum Isfahan | Assar Art Gallery | Atbin Art Gallery | Apadana Art Gallery | 1×1 Gallery | Dastan Basment Art Gallery | Jam Art Gallery
| Jorjani Art Gallery | Kornfeld Gallery | Mark Hachem Gallery | Maah Art Gallery | Seyhoun Art Gallery | Sayeh Art
Gallery | Saless Gallery | Vista Art Gallery | Ezdar Project | Video Artist I Azad art gallery I Studio HeH I Pelle Mag.
Light is sign of beauty and tranquility We are together and we can be anywhere
Video | 2016.05.13 | France & Iran | 5’01’’ | Color | Stereo | 16:9 | HD
| www.kedzior-friedman.org/tara-and-razieh-goudarzi
Performances, Camera & Editing | Gilivanka Kedzior & Barbara Friedman, Tara & Razieh Goudarzi

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