4173 km
Gilivanka Kedzior & Barbara Friedman – France
Tara & Razieh Goudarzi – Iran
4173 km

Soheila Sokhanvari,
Iranian Artist :
” It is important for Iranian artists to be showing alongside international artists
in the heartland of Iran because it reveals a cross-cultural dialogue,
allowing both artists and the local audience to discover similarities and differences —
and most importantly, to be able to
put their own culture within context to the world as a whole.
In addition, it allows artists from outside Iran to be exposed to
new audiences inside the country.”

RED BIND is a project initiated in 2010 around the notion of link/bond. Indeed, our meeting immediately
raised various questions regarding the place of each one
of us within the entity we were building, regarding the
tenuous boundary that exists between what we give to
see and who we truly are, between the acceptable and/
or condoned distance standing in between beings.
This research inexorably raises many paradoxes, around
which we keep pondering : how far can we make an intrusion into a personal space that does not belong to us,
without it being perceived as a threat ? How close can
we approach the public ? How to ensure the synchronization of desires when language is lacking ?
By building some links/bonds in biased or impossible
situations, our experimentation takes the form of an act
of resistance.
Curator : Tara GOUDARZI | Director : Razieh GOUDARZI
With the support of
Avec le soutien de
Durfort (81) | France
Diamantino Labo Photo
Montrouge (92) | France
Marc Tison
Piroozeh & Maziar Shahbaz
Fatemeh & Zeinab

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