The 7th Persbook workshop

A report from PressBook’s 7th Annual Environmental Art Workshop

The pressbook environmental art workshop, with the efforts of Neda Darzi and with the support of Arta Institute of Contemporary Arts, was held on the 19th to 21st of October in the east of Isfahan, Hasanabad city, in Khara desert and salt mine and Qortan village, hosted by the Almon Art Gallery.
In fact, the decentralization and orientation towards environmental art, the 7th Presbok, tried to create proper spaces in the field of artwork in a different context by organizing specialized workshops in nature. These workshops included light, eco-art and fiber art workshops. In these workshops, they tried to express a new concept for travel, ideation and creation of artwork in nature. These workshops are by the artist of this area; Tara Gudarzi, Majid Ziyai, Asghar Niazi were managed.
The first workshop was held in the evening and night of the 19th of October in the sand hills of Hassan Abad. The instructors of this workshop were Tara Gudarzi and Asghar Niazi. This workshop titled “Performance with Light” was organized for artists and participants who were interested in using light as the main material in presenting their works. In the practical part of this workshop, he examined the practical ideas and how to present them in nature, using companies and enthusiasts, and in the theoretical part, the participants examined light as a work of art. The history of this art and the progressive artists who made light the main work of their work, provides what can be followed in the field of performing with light. And also, they got acquainted with the way of photographing the performances that are done with light and were examined from the work done in the workshop.
On the night of the first day, Eco Art theory workshop was held by Mr. Ziyai at Sarai Allman. This workshop focused on the discussion and exchange of opinions about “Eco Art”, and discussed its nature and characteristics. Mr. Majid Ziyai explained in this regard: Eco-art, more than the media of environmental art trends, does not have a specific material for its work, nor does it rely on a specific one such as sculpture, painting or music, nor does it follow the classical principles of creating and presenting works. to give Henry follows. The works created in this type of art have a multimedia character and their environmental aspect is a priority.
The second workshop was held on the 20th day of Mehr in the morning, in the sand hills and the trees of Gaz. The practical part of the workshop was based on discussing theoretical issues with the aim of creating a creative form and concept in nature. They experienced the fields of different companies working in nature, which they were introduced to in the theory section, in a practical way. At first, there was a group performance with the idea of ​​Mrs. Darzi, and then the companies each arranged and performed in the environment. . And teachers Majid Ziyai and Tara Gudarzi guided the companies in the arrangements, performances and recording of the works.
Ecoart workshop continued in the salt mine in the evening of the same day.
In the evening of the second day, the introduction session between the audience was held at the Allman Art Gallery, the participants presented a short biography of themselves, and the participants were awarded certificates of attendance at the ambient light workshop by Mrs. Neda Darzi Bani Pressbook. Then, the workshop on the theory of light performance by Razie Guderzi, along with the background of the light performance of the past years by Arta Institute, and the screening of films sent by international artists for this event, have been exhibited.
In the following, Mr. Niazi gave full explanations about photography at night and photography of performances with light conditions and the conditions that should be considered for recording. In the following, Mr. Ziyai shared his experiences from the Art Kochero with the Yato Group with the participants. Finally, Mrs. Tara Guderzi shared a history of the art of performing with light and presenting the works that can be found in the field of performing with light, and in the continuation of her experiences in connection with Panch Baz group and their collaborative works with students. They talked and showed pictures.
On the morning of the third day, the artistic works done in the two previous workshops were reviewed and reviewed.
On the evening of October 21st, the third workshop (Fiber Art) was held in Khashti and Goli Qortan village. In this workshop, the companies experienced cooperative work in the field of fiber art in the form of an environmental arrangement under the management of Neda Darzi. Mrs. Darzi’s goal for this collaborative work was to practice [becoming] us and to achieve higher goals. They had requested from the artists of the fiber field, a woven or sewn surface to preserve the individual character of each one, and finally, based on the possibility of space, this surface was arranged on the clay roof in Qurtan village. Also, the participants were engaged in individual or group works in the field of fiber art in the village alley.

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