Nature involves human like a cradle, where we have arisen and return it; however, it is unknown and we have been searching and knowing it to find ourselves, maybe.

 Homar is a festival for artist who select the nature to present their works. They use their “Inner understanding” and ” body” to represent their notions.

Hommar is a festival for creating healthy and delighted communication, enjoying the divine blessings, connecting with natural phenomenon and making an opportunity for artists who intent to create their works in the nature; thereby, according to individual and group capabilities of participants, created works are investigated in international level.  Hommar word means “valley and plain” in native Lorestan language and because of performing in nature, this signing has been chosen.

Where as, Artists, in different fields, have been seriously concerning with environmental concerns for a few decades. In this regard, environmental artists and performers contribute the most. For this purpose, the nature was chosen for Homar festivals. And by the Arta Institute, artists have been invited to the festival, in whose works, interest in nature is seen.

The participants of festival Hommar create their works on facilities of the environment and also, become familiar with different cultures by communicating with natives. One of the festival purposes is to develop culture of healthy tourism without any loss for nature (Ecotourism).

So far, it has held three Hommar festivals. The first festival was held “focusing on the nature and privacy of tourist destinations” in Bisheh waterfall and the village near it, in Lorestan province, for two days, in May 2014. The second festival was held for four days in On the island of Hormuz, in southern Iran in the early of 2015.

The third festival was an attempt to providing an adequate opportunity for producing creative works and upgrading art and creation of audiences by using special skills and experiences of the presenting artists at the festival. This festival was different from the two previous festivals because of two reasons, one it was held at our birthplace, Lorestan province, and the other, a lot of guesthouse people of Korramabad participated in running it. We can say firmly that performance of the art was one of the rarest events that could have been held in such festivals.                               . 
The organizers of this festival utilized art for creating empathy between the people with different cultures and respecting to the tradition and culture of that region. It is hoped that Lorestan province and Khorramabad city is identified as international center for the creation of art in nature.

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