Problem Statement

The Arta Contemporary Art Institute attempts to communicate among the contemporary artists around the world, the culture of collective working, philanthropy and develops morality.

In the 4th Homar festival, by inspired the ancient ceremony,” Chahar-Shanbe-Souri”, the artists, in the field of performance art and light art, are invited to be attend in the festival and exhibition and to present their artworks with the mediums of Light. For participating in the exhibition of this event, the artists present their works in the field of light art, in any places which they would prefer, and send that as photos or videos.

For the present artists in the festival, some places are selected in the Lorestan Province, and they will do their artworks in the nature or at the gallery.

The 4th Homar festival will be followed by six light Art Performances events. The events of light Art; yearly; concurrent with Chahar-Shanbe-Souri ritual at the end of winter and before the Nowruz ancient Eve, have held in the form of performance art and light art in the nature and exhibition since 2014.

According to whatever that is came into ancient history, in Chahar-Shanbe-Souri ritual with appearing twilight, in the all places of city and village, Iranians were lighting fire torches everywhere, they were keeping the fire until the sunrise from the seven days before Nowruz to two weeks after Nowruz. This fire, was the symbol of love, light and friendliness. The purpose of fire makers was bringing back the increasing force and it was good for people to overcome their sadness and depression.


Artists who have accepted the invitation of Arta Institute to participate in the 4th international art event of Homar

Agnes Deli / Hungary, Alexander Escalona/ Venezuela, Antonela Veronica Gonzalez/ Argentina, Atefeh Arani/ Iran&Canada, BBB Johannes Deimling/ Germany, Bernardo Gonzalo Leon Gomez/ Chile, Biljana Bosnjakovic/ Italy, Daniela Beltrani/ Italy, Dimple B Shah/ India, Elke Prieß/ Germany, Endre Gaal/ Hungarey, Farzaneh Njafi/ Iran, Farzaneh Soleymani/ Iran, Fereshteh Alamshah/ Iran, Fereshteh Zamani/ Iran, Godwin Roger Constantine/ Sri Lanka, Gustaf Broms/ Sweden, Hector Canonge/ U.S.A., Helena Goldwater/ U.K., Janusz  Plota/ Poland, Jeetin Rangher/ India, JOAKIM ​PR​ STAMPE/ Sweden, Kanwal Tariq/ Pakistan, Karin van der Molen/ Netherland, Karin van der Molen/ Netherland & Elena Redaelli/ Italy, Khaing Su/ Myanmar, Laleh Ayati/ Iran, Leonid Tishkov/ Russia, les Fujak [Margrit Neuendorf and Olivier Huet, France, Mahtab Ghaemi Manesh/ Iran, Marina Barsy Janer x Isil Sol Vil/ Spain, Mario Montoya/ Spain, Mehdi Javaheri/ Iran, Miguel Angel González Merchá/ Colombia, Mirosław Maszlanka/ Poland, Mohammed Abd Alwasi/ Iraq, Nemat Hasanvand/ Iran, Niana Liu/ U.S.A, Olga Hedwig Janice Wilson/ New Zealand, Patrícia Corrêa/ Portugal, Peter Alper/ Hungary,   PRITHVI  SHRESTHA/ Nepal, Razieh Godarzi/ Iran, Rooh Emami/ Iran,   Satadru Sovan Banduri/ India, Stein Henningsen/ Norwey, Shubho O Saha/ Bangladesh, Tara Goudarzi/ Iran, Xie Rong/ U.K. 

The history of Homar festivals and light art performance events:

The Arta contemporary art institute began its activity from 2014. The purpose of this institute is creating an international center, with the researching- artistic approach and creating Communication Bridge among the artists and the artistic places inside and outside the country, to improve the contemporary arts. Regarding to this matter, the Arta institute has taken six events of ”light art performance” so far, with artists participations from Iran, Sweden, Italy, India, New Zealand, the U.S, France, Peru, Argentina, China, Serbia and Singapore, that is taking with presenting artworks in the form of exhibition of photo, video and artistic meeting, in Iran and the exhibition of photo in Ohio university in the U.S. The Arta institute is the founder and representative of holding Homar festivals series and attention to the nature is the main purpose in this festival. Up to now, three festivals in the name of ”Homar” is held and this institute attempts to communicate among contemporary artists around the world, the culture of collective working, also replaces philanthropy and morality instead of rivalry and antecede.


Terms and terminology

Homar /hɔmɑːr/ in the language of Lorestanians means ”plain”. The reason of choosing this name for this festival, is selecting the nature as the main place for doing the artists’ artworks.

Light Art is an art which the light is the main tool for to present artist’s artworks. In this artistic field, the artists present their works as installation, performance, performance art, video, video art, drawing and graphic and etc inside or outside the gallery. Those artists whom select light as the main medium of their works, mostly use incandescent lamps, flashlights, projectors, LED lamp, 3D projections, multimedia, etc­­­ for presenting their works. Indeed, using fire and hot coal is seen in most of the works of environmental artists and in the field of performance art artists. Absolutely the light should be present as the main tool for expression.

Performance art, in this field, the feeling and perceptions of artist and part of his/her existence and presence considers are the main mediums, place and time and whatever happens are real and unrepeatable. Direct communication with the audiences and interact them are really important in performance art, but sometimes performer present performance in the special place without the audience existence and present its photos and videos as the performance art documents.

Medium: a work tool, a media and an intermediary. Since the light is not a material the word ” medium” is used instead for this work tool.


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