Arta Contemporary Art Institute and Adab Educational Art Center hold the 4th Homar art event at the international level for 4 days from 26th to 29th October 2020. This exhibition was in the field of contemporary art in the form of photos and videos in the gallery.

In The fourth Homar, presented the artworks of artists who have used “light” to express their concepts, and they have often chosen nature as a platform for presenting their artworks.

Arta Institute was supposed  to hold the Homar Festival in the nature of Lorestan with invites twenty international artists active in the field of performance art and environmental art; and an exhibition had been planned as a side program for this festival; With the onset of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19); Live performance programs were eliminated and the exhibition program was seriously pursued with the presence of more artists.

Artworks by fifty artists from Venezuela, Argentina, Canada, Germany, Chile, Italy, Hungary, Sri Lanka, Sweden, USA, UK, Poland, India, Pakistan, Netherlands, Myanmar, France, Russia, Spain, Colombia, Iraq, New Zealand, Portugal, Nepal, Norway, Bangladesh and Iran were presented in this exhibition. Most of these works had been sent as video.


The great attention of artists to the nature, as an appropriate setting for the artistic artworks, benefiting of divine sources in the nature, benefiting of art as a tool to create sympathy among people with different cultures, helping to develop the culture and art, creating an appropriate setting to produce creative works and helping to art and creative improvement by using skills and experiences of the present artists in the exhibition.

Registration and presentation of created works at the international level and creative rich performance art with light in the nature, for researchers and enthusiasts to history of art at the international level and also trying to improve people and artists’ attention to the importance and protection of the environment for the present and future generations and introducing Lorestan province and Khorramabd city as a center of art creation in the nature, performing art with light are the other perspectives of this exhibition.


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