Chronicles of Confinement Asia

CHRONICLES of CONFINEMENT: Asia is a continental conference and conversation panel featuring Performance Artists from various regions in Asia. Organized and moderated by artist Hector Canonge, the virtual program will explore and address the experiences, stories, and challenges that participating artists have faced while living in a world affected by the recent COVID19 pandemic.

Following the success of previous initiatives: ARTFUL -Performance Art Community Response to CV19 (May 30th), a program for performance artists residing in the five boroughs of New York City, CRONICAS del ENCIERRO: Latinoamérica (June 21), where 17 Latin American artists convened virtually, CHRONICLES of CONFINEMENT: Europa, with the participation of artists from 18 European states, and CRONIQUES du CONFINEMENT: Africa, focusing on artists from French and English speaking African states, Hector Canonge, creator of the program, expanded the cycle to include artists from various regions in Asia.

CHRONICLES of CONFINEMENT: Asia will feature 18 performance artists living and working in 16 Asian countries. The invited artists will introduce their work to attendees, engage in a moderated conversation, and participate in a an open Q&A session with the audience. As in previous iterations of the independent initiative, this program proposes to reflect on the present situation of Performance Art in various regions of the globe, and aims to establish much needed dialogue among its practitioners in order to foresee the future development and transformation of the discipline.

Guest artists:
Okty Budiati (Indonesia)
Nicolas Aca (Philippines)
AOr NOpawan (Thailand)
Yonggu Shin (South Korea)
Razieh Goudarzi (Iran)
Pramila Lama (Nepal)
Fatimah Jawdat (Iraq)
Chathuri Nissansala (Sri Lanka)
Ayça Ceylan (Turkey)
渡邉忠 Tadashi Watanabe (Japan)
একরামুল মোমেন Akramul Momen (Bangladesh)
Xie Rong (China)
Inder Salim (India)
Kany Kim (South Korea)
Sumana Akter (Bangladesh)
Natasha Jozi (Pakistan)
Ezzam Rahman (Singapore)
Dimple B Shah (India)

The program has been based on Canonge’s reflections about Performance Art and the present state of the world under the Coronavirus pandemic:
Performance Art is about the BODY -our bodies- in time and space. Our physical presence is necessary to create, explore, experiment, and express our work in real time. Though there are other modalities derived from Performance Art’s physicality: video performance, photo performance, and virtual performance – now “zoom” performance – there is no adequate substitution for the experiential moment performance artists create while delivering their work to live audiences. The CV19 confinement has affected all corners of society including many fields of creative expression, centers of artistic dissemination, and naturally the practitioners of Live Arts. As performance artists, we have been greatly affected because our presentations in festivals and programs have been cancelled or postponed, residencies halted, and traveling is now almost impossible. The CHRONICLE of CONFINEMENT series will serve as one more testament of our living experiences during the period of confinement of the past several months.

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