Introducing the video backpack project:
The video backpack project was designed by Fereshteh Alamshah in 2020 in the purpose of travel and
easy display of video art works in a network supporting artists.
At the first start of the project
Due to the prevalence of Coronavirus and general quarantine
During the artists’ collective decision, the first video backpack project made its way into cyberspace, and
in twenty-two days, forty-seven works by thirty-four Iranian artists were displayed on Instagram,
centered on the video artist page and with the network support of these artists.

In the first performance, by announcing the call and without creating a competitive or curatorial
atmosphere, the maximum presence of artists was provided in order to create a different and hopeful
atmosphere in the difficult conditions of Corona pandemic, and this project was welcomed by more than
100,000 visitors.
With the improvement of social health conditions and widespread vaccination in 2022, it was possible to
implement this project in its original format and definition, and thus the second video backpack project
will be held as follows.

Description of the second video backpack project:
In the second video bag pack project, nine Iranian video artists from different geographical areas were
invited to the project by the three curators presented in the project, based on their ability, experience
and concern for the subject, and to create valuable works on the subject of ” The environment, artist
These works will be displayed in nine different spaces in the cities where the artists live, according to a
specific calendar and schedule from February 20th to February 28th.
In this project, each artist, according to his wishes and possibilities, has chosen a public or private space
(private gallery or studio or public place) with the presence of special or general audiences to display all
the works, on a specific day, and thus The order of each of the created works will be displayed in nine
different places with the presence of different audiences. Accompany.
All the necessary news, information and advertisements of this project will be published by the video
artist’s dedicated page.


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