PAN Asia 2021 with the theme of “INFINITE(IN FINITE): Live Hive” will be held at the Garden SONGJA_Space SOPA in Mokpo

and Daekwang beach in Shinan Korea from 9th December until 15th December. Celebrating its 13rd anniversary this year, PAN Asia will become a platform to share Asian sentiments and its possiblities, with a networking formed by professional of various performance arts, and around 20artists and organizers invited from Asian countries.

[PAN Asia(Performance Art Network Asia) 2021]

Period : 2021. 12. 09 – 12. 15

Live Performance 2021. 12. 10-13…/UCPeuSI_IZ9JJ…/featured

Online Conference 2021. 12. 09…

ID: 816 2187 6248 / PW: 409574

Archiving Exhibition 2021. 12. 09-15

Venue : The Garden SONGJA_Space SOPA | Mokpo Korea

Daekwnag Beach | Shinan Korea

Hosted by : SORO Performance Unit

Organized by : PAN Asia(Performance Art Network Asia) | Art & Documentation Association(Poland)

Supported by : Arts Council Korea, SONGJA Company

Cooperation: Dhaka Live Art Biennale(Bangladesh) | Zero Platform(Myanmar) | House(Pakistan) | In Process Collective(India)

Homar Performance Art Festival(Iran) | Trienal DEFORMES(Chille)

GES_Grace Exhibition Space(USA) | PAWA_Performance Art Week Aorearoa(Newzealand) | Art & Documentation Association(Poland)

<Online International>

Aye Ko(Myanmar)

Rokeya Sultan(Bangladesh)

B Ajay Sharma(India)

Anka Lesniak(Poland)

Sara Cowdell(Newzealand)

Gonzalo Rabanal(Chille)

Razieh Goudarzi(Iran)

Tara Goudarzi(Iran)

Jill McDermid(USA)

Natasha Jozi(Pakistan)


SUNG Neung Kyung

SHIM Hongjae

PARK Chulho


MOON Jae Seon

SEO Chanseok

YI Bal(Heok-Bal)

KIM Baek-ki

CHOI Sooran

LEE Kyungho

CHO Eunsung



JUNG Minjung

[ONLINE Channel]…/UCPeuSI_IZ9JJ…/featured


Artistic Director: Moon Jae Seon(Korea) | Curator: Shubho O Saha(Bangladesh), Tara Goudarzi(Iran) | Conference-Coordinator: Anka Lesniak(Poland), LEE Ah Young(Korea) | Coordinator: CHOI Sooran(Korea) | Advisory Committee: Sung Neung Kyung, Yoon Jin Sup, KIM Woo Jeong, Cho Soo Jin(Korea), Łukasz Guzek(Poland) | Web Designer: LFTL(Light from the lightroom) | Technical Director:

JOO Dongsup | Graphic Designer: LEE Jong Sung | VR Gallery Designer, Videographer: HAM Jeong Sik | Photographer: BANG Hyonjin


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