The Third Light Art Performance Event 2016

The third edition of Light Art Performance was held as in the previous years, but with the difference that for this year’s program, the call – inspired by local customs – was internationally opened to artists interested in Light Performance.

Light Art is a form of art in which light is the artist’s main means of expression. In this field, the artists propose works such as sculptures, site-specific light installations, bas-reliefs, paintings, performance art. Exhibited works may be suspended or fixed in the ground, permanent or temporary, inside or outside the gallery space.¬†
Some artists choosing light as their main medium often use flashlights and ordinary light bulbs, projector lamps, LEDs, 3-D map projection, multi-media, video art and photography to display their works. Some others even use fire or hot coals to create works, and light should definitely be seen as a primary means of expression.

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