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Arta Contemporary Art Institute and Adab Educational Art Center hold the 4th Homar art event at the international level for 4 days from 26th to 29th October 2020. This exhibition was in the field of contemporary art in the form of photos and videos in the gallery. In The fourth Homar, presented the artworks of […]

Rangin kaman sepid Exhibition

3rd Elderly Art Exhibition Rangin Kaman Sepid Students Artworks The Khorramabd Literary Center AUG 2018 Collaborate in holding exhibition 3rd Elderly Art Exhibition, Rangin Kaman Sepid students’ artworks Isfahan, Literary Center, Khorramabad http://ranginkamanesepid.com/

The 5th edition light art event 2018

This event is held in such a way that artists are invited to participate inspired by their local customs and traditions in their living area. Light art is a form of art in which the main means of the artist to express himself is light. In this field, artists present their works in the form […]

photo and Video art exhibition of “Light Art Performance”

Arta Contemporary Art Institute, with the management of Tara Goudarzi and executive director Razieh Goodarzi, started its activities in the beautiful and ancient city of Khorramabad from the winter of 2014. The goal of this institute is to establish an international center, with a scholarly approach and to establish a bridge between artists and art […]