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Arta Contemporary Art Institute and Adab Educational Art Center hold the 4th Homar art event at the international level for 4 days from 26th to 29th October 2020. This exhibition was in the field of contemporary art in the form of photos and videos in the gallery. In The fourth Homar, presented the artworks of […]


Problem Statement The Arta Contemporary Art Institute attempts to communicate among the contemporary artists around the world, the culture of collective working, philanthropy and develops morality. In the 4th Homar festival, by inspired the ancient ceremony,” Chahar-Shanbe-Souri”, the artists, in the field of performance art and light art, are invited to be attend in the […]


Nature involves human like a cradle, where we have arisen and return it; however, it is unknown and we have been searching and knowing it to find ourselves, maybe.  Homar is a festival for artist who select the nature to present their works. They use their “Inner understanding” and ” body” to represent their notions. […]


4173 kmGilivanka Kedzior & Barbara Friedman – FranceTara & Razieh Goudarzi – Iran4173 km Soheila Sokhanvari,Iranian Artist :” It is important for Iranian artists to be showing alongside international artistsin the heartland of Iran because it reveals a cross-cultural dialogue,allowing both artists and the local audience to discover similarities and differences —and most importantly, to […]

The second exhibition of student’s Arta

The second annual exhibition of Arta Institute students This exhibition was held on Tuesday and Wednesday 24th and 25th of August in Hejbar Gallery of Khorramabad Guidance Department. Razie Gudarzi, director of Arta Institute, said about the activities of this collection: This institute presents artistic documentation of its students and various artists in the form […]


The first annual exhibition of Arta Institute students This exhibition was held from Saturday 14th of Shahrivar to Thursday 19th of Shahrivar at Hejbar Gallery of Khorramabad Guidance Department. Mrs. Razieh Guderzi, the director of Arta Institute, about the purpose of holding an exhibition of works, is to familiarize the art students with the professional […]

light art 3rd edition

The third edition of Light Art Performance was held as in the previous years, but with the difference that for this year’s program, the call – inspired by local customs – was internationally opened to artists interested in Light Performance.   Light Art is a form of art in which light is the artist’s main […]


Light Art Performance is a good opportunity for artists to connect with nature and photography and doing performance at night to use available capacity in their own environment and participate in fostering culture of conservation of nature especially at first of  the  year.  “The main aim of this performance is social interaction by the creation […]

Rangin kaman sepid Exhibition

3rd Elderly Art Exhibition Rangin Kaman Sepid Students Artworks The Khorramabd Literary Center AUG 2018 Collaborate in holding exhibition 3rd Elderly Art Exhibition, Rangin Kaman Sepid students’ artworks Isfahan, Literary Center, Khorramabad http://ranginkamanesepid.com/

The 5th edition light art event 2018

This event is held in such a way that artists are invited to participate inspired by their local customs and traditions in their living area. Light art is a form of art in which the main means of the artist to express himself is light. In this field, artists present their works in the form […]