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PAN Asia 2021 with the theme of “INFINITE(IN FINITE): Live Hive” will be held at the Garden SONGJA_Space SOPA in Mokpo and Daekwang beach in Shinan Korea from 9th December until 15th December. Celebrating its 13rd anniversary this year, PAN Asia will become a platform to share Asian sentiments and its possiblities, with a networking […]

XIII. International Lake Valence Symposium

Since 2017 the Dunántúli Water Board has rented out the 12 hectare island for use by the artists of the International Lake Velence Symposium in order that artworks may be produced displaying an empathy towards nature. Our researches encourage awareness of the current environmental problems for those working on and visiting the island. Today we […]


Problem Statement The Arta Contemporary Art Institute attempts to communicate among the contemporary artists around the world, the culture of collective working, philanthropy and develops morality. In the 4th Homar festival, by inspired the ancient ceremony,” Chahar-Shanbe-Souri”, the artists, in the field of performance art and light art, are invited to be attend in the […]