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Emancipation | 2021 | AUSTRAL  performance art festival Buenes Aires | curated by Art Hector Canonge | makhmal kooh, Khorramabad


Thank you Gonzalo Rabanal, for curating Deformes in these extraordinary times. And for creating space to reflect on such a relevant contemporary issues: the digital reduction of the body, the body as ‘war machine’ for protest, but also space for rituality.

 Part of Deformes are also: International artists: Alastair MacLennan-Ireland, Alejandra Glez-Cuba, Alexia Miranda-El Salvador, […]

Global Nomadic Art Project – Mongolia 2020 Online Exhibition

Mongolian Nature Artists society is delighted to invite you to the “Global Nomadic Art Project -Mongolia 2020” Online Exhibition. The artists from around the world will participate in the Online exhibition to present their outdoor nature artworks, indoor nature art exhibitions and documentaries of their art work. Global Nomadic Art Project – France – 2020. […]

Chronicles of Confinement Asia

CHRONICLES of CONFINEMENT: Asia is a continental conference and conversation panel featuring Performance Artists from various regions in Asia. Organized and moderated by artist Hector Canonge, the virtual program will explore and address the experiences, stories, and challenges that participating artists have faced while living in a world affected by the recent COVID19 pandemic. Following […]

open air exhibition

| 2020 | The open air chronicles of confinement Asia |  Transylvania , Romania curator : Várallyay Réka   


Arta Contemporary Art Institute and Adab Educational Art Center hold the 4th Homar art event at the international level for 4 days from 26th to 29th October 2020. This exhibition was in the field of contemporary art in the form of photos and videos in the gallery. In The fourth Homar, presented the artworks of […]

XIII. International Lake Valence Symposium

Since 2017 the Dunántúli Water Board has rented out the 12 hectare island for use by the artists of the International Lake Velence Symposium in order that artworks may be produced displaying an empathy towards nature. Our researches encourage awareness of the current environmental problems for those working on and visiting the island. Today we […]


Problem Statement The Arta Contemporary Art Institute attempts to communicate among the contemporary artists around the world, the culture of collective working, philanthropy and develops morality. In the 4th Homar festival, by inspired the ancient ceremony,” Chahar-Shanbe-Souri”, the artists, in the field of performance art and light art, are invited to be attend in the […]

Peephole, a Glimpse of video art in Iran

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEContact: Sarah Kleinthesarahklein@yahoo.com(415) 310-4225Peephole Cinema PresentsHofrehA collection of videos showcasing Iranian artists.The title Hofreh is a Persian word for hole or cavity and can also mean eye socket.Curated by Minoosh ZomorodiniaOn view from December 3, 2019 – January 18, 2020The Peephole Cinema in San Francisco is proud to present “Hofreh” a collection of […]

The 7th Persbook workshop

A report from PressBook’s 7th Annual Environmental Art Workshop The pressbook environmental art workshop, with the efforts of Neda Darzi and with the support of Arta Institute of Contemporary Arts, was held on the 19th to 21st of October in the east of Isfahan, Hasanabad city, in Khara desert and salt mine and Qortan village, […]