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open air exhibition

| 2020 | The open air chronicles of confinement Asia |  Transylvania , Romania curator : Várallyay Réka   


The concept of the project: All of us has a personal space that surrounds us and is determined by us. This is the personal space. Society is in fact a web of these spaces.    The PERSONAL SPACE project means harmonizing of these spaces with the tools of contemporary art.   Way of participating: 1st […]

The Personal- Space

My personal space that surrounds me isn’t confined space and I’d like it be determined by wind. The wind and I love freedom. The PERSONAL-SPACE installation in the “Művészeti Malom” Exhibition space | Szentendre,Hungary. performed by Tara goudarzi | photo by Razieh goudarzi | shorab park, Khoramabad | Jul 2015