photo and Video art exhibition of “Light Art Performance”

Arta Contemporary Art Institute, with the management of Tara Goudarzi and executive director Razieh Goodarzi, started its activities in the beautiful and ancient city of Khorramabad from the winter of 2014. The goal of this institute is to establish an international center, with a scholarly approach and to establish a bridge between artists and art centers inside and outside the country, to promote participatory art. In the same vein, the Arta Institute has organized five events on “Work with Lights” featuring artists from Iran, Sweden, Italy, India, New Zealand, the United States, France, Peru, Argentina, China, Serbia and Singapore. Holding the exhibition “In the Spread” in Germany; From the works of six Iranian female artists with Curitiuri Alkhazeis, this is the resume of this institute. The Arta Foundation is also the founder and host of a series of festivals that focus on nature’s main goals.

 The institution tries to replace the competition with establishing a link between contemporary artists around the world, spread the culture of team working with a humanitarianism and ethical approach. So far, the Arta Institute has hosted artists from various cities in Iran, as well as other countries such as Germany, France and Netherland. Arta Foundation is committed to providing cultural, research and artistic documentation at international level, with the aim of enhancing artistic creativity and emphasizing individual abilities and self-esteem and respect for humanity and nature.

The main goal of the institution is to publish papers, present the original artworks such as photograph, film, short film, video art, travel magazine, electronic magazine and etc. At the institute, artists and affiliated scholars, in an effort to raise their artistic creativity and emphasize individual abilities and achieve personal style, are also collaborating on defining different cultural projects, Research and artistic and documenting the stages of the project and deliver it professionally. For this purpose, training courses for different ages have been developed that include projects that take, from varies from months to years, and deliver works in the form of exhibitions or performances in various environments.

Light Performance

According to the ancient history, a few days before the Nowruz, people who were called the torch carriers, who were promoting the message of the Ahoori festival, went to cities and villages to prepare people for this ritual. This event is known for Charshanbe Suri. Fire carriers, men and women were artists who, by holding street plays, handicrafts and songs, were entertaining and pleasing the people. From a week before Nowruz to two weeks after Nowruz, with the advent of the darkness of the evening, in all parts of the city and villages, they fired the torches and kept it on until they the sunset. This fire was the symbol of the power of love and friendship. The goal of the protagonists was to restore the increasing and good power of the people to overcome sadness and depression.

This program inspired by the Charshanbe Suri, with the efforts of the Arta Institute, held internationally at the end of each Iranian year. To participate in the event, artists will perform their works in any place they want, in the field of Light Art, and send them in a photo or video format.Artists in Lorestan (in the west of Iran), and will work together for the event. Light Art is an art, in which the artist’s main means of delivering his work is light. In this artistic career, artists put their work in the form of arrangements, optical sculptures, performances, performance art, video art, drawing, graphite, etc. inside or outside the gallery. Artists who choose light as their main mediums often use flashlights, common bulbs, fluorescents, projectors, LED bulbs, 3D projection, multimedia and etc. Most commonly, fire or charcoal are seen in the artworks of environmental artists. Light and fire performances are a good opportunity for artists to interact with nature using photography so that they can use the capacities available in their environment and promote a culture of nature conservation, in the final days of the year. The main purpose of this project is social interaction with the language of creation in nature, the establishment of a healthy and happy relationship and the enjoyment of divine blessings and engagement with natural phenomena at night, as well as exercises for photography with respect to individual and group abilities.  

2018| Holding photo and Video art exhibition of “Light Art Performance” in Literary Center, Khorramabad, Lorestan.

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